Psalm 22:9-10

30 09 2007

From my journal July 20, 2007:

Things in the Bible seem so black and white at times. It is written in retrospect and from the Spirit of God so His Spirit can unlock any mystery that might exist. What will God’s History say after I’m gone?

While reading 2 Chronicles today, I was struck by one phrase. It was in regards to the evil King Jehoram who God cursed with an awful bowel disease because he was so wicked. The phrase that struck me was “He passed away – to no one’s regret…” Ouch – to no one’s regret – what a horrible way to die – besides the whole bowel thing, not a single person regretted his death. How awful and unfathomable.

Sadly enough, this king’s son, under his mother’s direction, did not do any better when he ascended the throne. And after he died, the mother killed all the rest of the family so she could rule…but one son, who was dedicated to God, escaped. God had preserved a remnant…

Then I read Psalms 22:9-10 – “You brought me out of the womb; You made me trust in You even at my mother’s breast. From birth I was cast upon You; from my mother’s womb You have been my God.” What a drastically different story and heritage than that of Jehoram! What a powerful testimony of faith – to know and declare that you were cast upon God from the womb.

I know I was God’s own from the womb. When I think back and recall the trail of my life, there is no other path present except the mystery and adventure of God’s will – what a glorious heritage! And now, my journal is propped up on my swollen belly where a little boy kicks and squirms every few minutes. Oh, Lord, how terrifying! This life brought by God through me as a vessel. Will he too be made to trust in God even from my breast? I am terrified…I know I will not be the full out evil influence of this mother in 2 Chronicles, but in a world where shades of gray loom closer and heavier than the black and white of living for God, what kind of influence will I be?

Lord, shape this child even now. Call him, even in the womb, to be yours and yours alone. I surrender my life and his life to You.


28 09 2007

Two nights ago, in the midst of trying to fix dinner and put Drew to bed at the same time, I had a minor mommy-oops-moment. I heard Drew fussing and grunting, indicating that he had dropped his pacifier. He had been in bed for almost an hour, and was almost asleep, but the ‘curse of the pacifier’ had hit again. I quickly stepped into his dark room to replug him. Feeling around his head I found the pacifier and then held it to his mouth for him to take. I waited a few seconds but he wouldn’t grab it. Thinking of the dinner sitting on the stove, I pulled it out quickly and tried to replug him again. Still, he wouldn’t take it. Finally, I reached down to stroke his cheek to try and encourage him to grab at the pacifier, and it was then that I realized my error. In the darkness and in my haste, I had inadvertently been trying to plug Drew with the pacifier…in his ear. OOPS – I quickly corrected my error and slipped out the door trying not to awaken him with my laughter. 😀

Drew loves his Daddy

27 09 2007

Yesterday morning, Drew and I woke up and began our usual routine. After feeding and dressing him, I laid him in the middle of our bed while I got dressed. Tim was in the bathroom getting ready, and I noticed Drew was intently watching the bathroom door. Now, I know supposedly he can’t see that far, but he was smiling and getting all excited and waving his little arms. Then the door opened, and Daddy emerged. Drew was very happy, and he proceeded to follow Daddy all around the room with his eyes as he was getting dressed for work. Then Daddy left the room – and Drew immediately began to fuss and cry. Not cherishing the thought of a whole day with a fussy baby, I followed Tim out the door suggesting a ‘Take Your Son To Work’ Day. Unfortunately, Daddy didn’t go for it…

Ordering the Chaos

26 09 2007

The first two weeks with Drew were…ummm, tumultuous – to say the least. Looking back, it’s funny that I would describe it that way, because from the outside, there was very little tumult. Drew basically ate and slept and ate and slept and ate and slept as most new babies do. The tumult was all on the inside of me. All the changes, the hormones, the newborn demands, the crying, the ‘whatifs’, and the ‘shoulds’ created a chaos that I thought would overtake me.

Now, five weeks into it, I can finally see some order – and little Drew is finally getting on schedule. Here is a sample of what a day with Drew looks like:

7 am – Wake up and eat – Drew is like a alarm clock when it comes to this feeding – he knows it’s time to get up and he won’t take “No – Mommy wants to sleep a little longer” for an answer. After Drew eats, he sits in his bouncy seat and watches Mommy eat her breakfast or Daddy getting ready for work.

8am – Mommy walks around the neighborhood while Drew catnaps in the strollerimg_0458.JPG

9am – Mommy showers as quickly as humanly possible while Drew begins to wake from his catnapping

10am – Time to eat again!

11am-1pm – Drew naps in his crib, most of the time.

1 am – You guessed it – food time!

2-4 pm – Drew spends some time awake sitting in the swing, laying on the couch, or having tummy time in the pack-n-play. Then it’s naptime again…

4 pm – Feed me!

5 pm-7 pm – Your guess is as good as mine – sometimes Drew is awake and playful, sometimes he takes another nap, and sometimes he just enjoys taking some time to scream his head off. These few hours definitely keep us on our toes.

7 pm – Dinner for Drew, and sometimes Mommy and Daddy get some too

8 pm – A small little snack and then off to bed – Drew has been getting better and better at sleeping for five hours after going to bed. We are praying he continues this trend =)

Night time – Drew usually wakes to eat around 1am and 4 am, although he reserves the right toimg_0459.JPG vary the schedule whenever he so chooses… =P

Moving from chaos to order has made an enormous difference in our whole family. Drew has become much more content and happy, and we look forward to even brighter days ahead.

Don’t tell my husband…

26 09 2007

Don’t tell my husband, but I love rainy mornings. On a normal, sunny, South Florida morning, Drew and I eat breakfast and then head out the door with the stroller to take a few laps around the lake. The exercise and the sun feel good on most days, and I feel energized and refreshed and, well… ok, sometimes exhausted. But Drew usually uses this time to catch a morning nap, and if I’m fortunate, the nap continues long enough for me to catch a shower when we get back home.

Rainy days obviously put a damper on our normal routine, however. But last week, the rainy days started to develop a routine of their own. Desperate to get Drew to take a nap (so I could get a shower), I decided to take him for a short little drive. (Yes, I hear all you Baby Wiser’s telling me that is NOT the way to put a baby down for a nap… but I’m sorry…I’m weak and it works.) So, around the block we went when suddenly I realized that around the block led me directly passed a Dunkin’ Donuts. Being coffee deprived for ten months, the thought of a medium French Vanilla iced coffee with cream and sugar sounded like the perfect treat for a rainy morning, so I pulled up and ordered. And this is where the ‘don’t tell my husband’ part comes in…

You see, my husband is a brilliant chiropractor who specializes in nutrition. Since we’ve been married, he has supported and encouraged me in a healthy lifestyle, and I admit I feel great. Part of that ‘healthy lifestyle’, however, has involved giving up coffee. I wasn’t aware of this, but somewhere, lurking in the depths of those cups of java are evil things that somehow do bad things to your body. I’ve adjusted to everything else my doctor-husband has recommended, but I can’t seem to switch over from the dark side where a morning caffeinated beverage makes birds sing and the sun sparkle. So, on that fateful rainy morning…I went to Dunkin’ Donuts.

It was supposed to be a one time thing, but yesterday, it rained again. And I found myself delivering that beautiful anthem of a coffee order to the precious angel inside the Dunkin’ Donuts drive thru window. The coffee was good, but the guilt was not, and it started to gnaw as I felt a coffee induced routine beginning to form. Seeking a solution, I quickly drove to the mall to inquire what time they open in the morning for mall-walkers. This could be my new rainy day routine! A friendly security guard informed me that the mall opened at 7:30 am for all ambitious commercialized athletes. I left the mall uplifted (or was I high on caffeine…) at the thought of this new possibility for a rainy morning schedule routine. Then it happened –

Please don’t tell my husband about this one either – I went grocery shopping, in the rain of course. And while struggling to get my groceries to the car in the midst of a downpour, I slipped in my flip-flops and dislocated a toe. My husband, the brilliant chiropractor, preaches against flip-flops all the time. He’s right…I know he’s right. They are bad for your feet and bad for your posture and, as I had proven, quite dangerous also. But, on the way out the door with Drew already in his carseat, I realized I hadn’t put any shoes on yet – a mommy moment I hope some of you will understand. Enter the flip-flops – a simple, quick and easy choice in footwear, right?! Yes – except when it’s raining…

I hobbled home, put away the groceries, and propped my toe up on the coffee table with an ice pack. Arghh, those rainy days – I attempted to get around as normal as possible for the rest of that day, but as I lay in bed with my black-and-blue toe throbbing, I began to wonder about the morning routine. By slipping in the rain in my ‘don’t tell my husband’ flip-flops, I had eliminated all possibility of being able to walk with Drew, even at the mall…now the only option left was a ‘don’t tell my husband’ drive around the block…with the object being to put Drew to sleep, of course. Because of that one rainy day, I had insured that for at least a week or so, while I limped about, every day was going to be a “rainy” one. My somewhat fervent attempts to establish a healthy morning routine were slowly replaced by the more realistic and enticing ‘trip around the block’ routine. Today, was my first dislocated toe/”rainy” morning, and I don’t need to mention what I’m sipping on right now as I write…but don’t tell my husband, ok??

In The Beginning…

26 09 2007

It’s taken me a little over a month to finally get this up and running, but, thanks to Aunt Carol, I finally have a way to keep everyone updated on The Amazing Drew img_0483.JPG– as well as his mom and dad. =) I have so much to share, but I will try to dole it out in bite size pieces. Let me say here at the beginning that I recognize that Tim and I are typical proud parents who think our little one is already a prodigy advancing well beyond his peers. I am stating this admission now because for the rest of this blog, I will write under the proud parent assumption that my child is a genius. And I will probably deny that this confession was ever made, even if shown the obvious evidence.

So, to start with, here are a few stats on the incredible little man:

Birthday: August 23, 2007, 11:58 pmimg_0427.JPG

Birth size: 8lbs. 1 oz., 21 inches

Current size: 10 lbs., 23 1/2 inches (he’s huge!)

First full bath: September 8, 2007

First church service: September 16, 2007 (he almost made it the whole way through)

First night out of Mommy and Daddy’s room and in his own crib (Praise the Lord!): September 16, 2007

First trip to work with Daddy: September 19, 2007 – and boy was he the hit of the office!

* One additional note as we begin this blogging adventure…because Timothy IV was named after Timothy III, we decided to give him a nickname to avoid ‘Timothy-calling’ confusion. Therefore, from now on Timothy IV will be referred to as ‘Baby Drew’. We are calling him Drew because it is short for ‘quadruple’, seeing he is the IV. It might sound silly, but we like it!