We’re rolling…maybe

26 11 2007

Yesterday morning I put Drew on his tummy, and he rolled over onto his back three different times. He hasn’t done it since so we’re not sure if it was a fluke or not, but we’re excited! Funny the things that cause me excitement these days 😉 .

Eye – Hand Uncoordination

23 11 2007

Drew has just begun delving into the mystery of his hands. He will hold them out at arms length, often looking like Superman, and study them intently. He’s learned to grab things with them, but doesn’t always remember to hold on, and sometimes he gets excited and ends up flinging whatever he’s holding across the room. He also enjoys studying our hands. He will reach for our wedding rings, grasp our fingers, and often try to suck on our thumbs instead of his own. He’s getting better everyday at using his hands, but unfortunately, he is still lacking in the coordination department. Yesterday, he managed to pull his pacifier out of his mouth and was holding it up looking at it. He kept opening his mouth wide indicating he wanted to put it back, but he wasn’t sure how. I finally had to take it from him to save him from himself. Every time he would try to put it in his mouth, he ended up sticking it in his eye instead. We’ll keep working on that whole coordination thing…

Visit with Aunt Cathy

23 11 2007

100_2041.jpgLast week, we had a great time visiting with my sister Cathy. It was the first time she got to see the baby, so we were all very excited to have her here. Drew warmed up to her very quickly, and all three of us enjoyed spending time with her. During her stay, I tried my best to convince Cathy that diaper changing was an opportunity to spend quality time with her nephew. She bought it (or at least humored me) most of the time. 😉 Spending time with Drew took up most of our time during the week, but we did get a chance to make Cathy a special birthday dinner and to-die-for chocolate cake. When the week was over, Cathy tried to fit the chocolate cake and the baby into her luggage, but I caught her before she had the chance. 😉 I told her there was no way I was letting her take Drew with her, but we compromised on the cake and I gave her a piece in tupperware to take on the plane.

Thanks for visiting Aunt Cathy! It was great to see you – we will miss you!

Mourning an Hour

5 11 2007

Even though the ‘spring ahead’ has never been fun, I have always enjoyed getting the extra hour of sleep during the time change in the fall. Now, I am mourning the loss of that hour. My friends all warned me that kids don’t participate in Daylights Savings Time, and now I know it’s true. We had managed to get on a really good schedule here, but now, Drew is really messed up. He didn’t nap much at all yesterday, he was up every 1/2 hour during the night, and today I haven’t been able to get him to nap longer than an hour. His little body is used to being awake at certain times and asleep at others and that is making him alternately cranky and sleepy. Tim and I were just commenting a few days ago how happy and content Drew had become being on schedule – now I feel like we’re starting all over again. 😦 Does anybody want to sign a petition to end this time change thing?? Argghh…