My Weeble

22 05 2008

Drew has started wobbling.  Some might say crawling, but he’s really not quite there yet.   Personally, I think I prefer the wobble to a crawl.  In just a matter of days, I’m sure he will learn to efficiently coordinate his right leg with his left arm and vice versa.  Then, nothing will be safe.  But right now, he just moves one knee, and wobbles, then moves an arm, then wobbles, all the time looking around in wonder like he’s never seen the living room before.  He’s seen it from a sitting position, from cruising around in the walker, from standing while holding the coffee table, and from rolling, but somehow seeing it while crawling causes him to stare in wide-eyed wonder, mouth half open and cracked with a little grin.  He’s probably plotting all the destruction he will inflict once he moves beyond wobbling…but, I’m ignoring those thoughts and joining him in these awe-inducing moments.  It’s the most adorable thing watching his little bottom teeter across the floor.  My weeble is wobbling…

The Oatmeal Lie

16 05 2008

All the television commercials declare that oatmeal is supposedly good for your health.  Drew has learned to spit a mouthful of oatmeal half-way across the room.  Oatmeal is not good for my health…or his