28 03 2009

I logged onto this blog a few days ago, and realized that I hadn’t written anything in six months.  Six long months.  The last time I posted, it was the day before Drew’s one year birthday.  Today is the day before his 18 month birthday.  It’s not that I haven’t had multiple things I wanted to write about.  It’s just that most of my time has been spent cleaning up after those events that I would have preferred to have been blogging about. 😉 Some of those events include the first time Drew learned to flush a toilet or when he figured out how to unscrew lids to fun things like lotion and value size bottles of hydrogen peroxide.  I could have written about his macaroni-n-cheese artwork that graced my kitchen floor or the time he decided to help me eliminate dirty laundry by hiding one piece at a time in the most bizarre locations around the house.  (I’m certain articles are still missing, but I’m sure we’ll eventually nose them out – I hope.)  Yes, at sometime during these last six months my baby exploded into a toddler without warning and without even asking for my permission.  Now, he regularly practices for the day he will turn into a terrible two.  I guess he wants to make sure to perfect the full fledged temper tantrums that ensue whenever I refuse his requests.  =P He’s quite the over-acheiver.  I’m sure these experiences aren’t new; they are just new to me.  In fact, as I was finishing Drew’s baby book, I decided that baby books in general should be completely rewritten.  Sure, it’s sweet to remember the first step, first word, and the first tooth, but wouldn’t the book be more interesting if it included memories and pictures of parent and child during firsts  like these:

First Public Vomiting Experience

First 30 Minute Temper Tantrum

First Time Baby Grabbed a Sharp Object from the Counter (and mom’s frantic reaction)

First Time Watching the Wiggles (umm…are you serious?!)

First Mad Dash through the House Chasing Baby with a Diaper Blowout

First Object Flushed Down the Toilet

Baby’s First attempt Eating a PB &J

First Emergency Room Trip (haven’t had this yet, but I KNOW it is coming)

First Time Baby Runs Head First into a Wall

First Time Baby Tries to Boss Mommy Around

First Time Baby eats a Rock

Any all the other firsts that I’m sure are coming…

*Note: I had more I was going to add to this post, but I had to run to stop Drew from eating my chapstick – where he got it, I have no idea.  Instead of delaying another six months before posting, I decided to simply put this up as is.  I figured you’d get the general idea…gotta run 😉