Catching a Train

28 05 2010

The boys and I went train hunting last night.  A sport that requires no weaponry.  It was a Thursday, and Tim leads a college Bible study elsewhere, so being alone with the young ‘uns I am constantly looking for ways to GET OUT.  Drew loves trains, and asks to see one everytime we cross the tracks.  Of course, the trains around here only run in the evening or over night so spotting one during Drew’s waking hours is rare.  But yesterday, I found a website for the Florida Train Chasers (who knew they existed?!).  The website has tips on when and where to see trains.  It also lists radio frequencies for listening to conductor chit chat for extreme enthusiasts.  We’re not that extreme.  I decided to just find a good parking spot and wait to see if we got lucky.

Before parking, I swung through the Chik fil A drive thru.  I had a coupon.  I am madly in love with CFA coupons.  It’s the only fast food Drew will eat, so it makes an easy, inexpensive meal that I do no have to make or clean up after. It’s a beautiful thing.  The coupon was for buy one get one chicken sandwiches and I added fries and a strawberry shake to the order in honor of our train chasing adventure.

Once parked, I invited Drew to join me in the front seat, and I wrested Baby A from his carrier to sit with us as well.  Drew went straight for the fries, requesting bbq sauce for dunking, and I unwrapped the scalding chicken sandwiches holding them in front of the AC vents to cool them enough to eat.  I had pictured this whole scene as a wonderful and peaceful bonding experience – the three of us enjoying an easy meal while watching the lengths of a freight train disappear into the setting sun.  But sadly, my imagination forgot to consult reality.  My imagined version of this event did not include a bouncing two year old and buttons and gears and bbq sauce and a strawberry shake with whipped cream and my arms too full with a four month old and scalding chicken sandwiches to halt the freight train of a mess that was about to rock my poor car.  Next time we train watch, Dennis the Menace WILL BE firmly restrained in his seat.

Well, we ate, then I cleaned up the bbq sauce, then the whipped cream, then the bbq sauce that was spilled while I was cleaning up the whipped cream, but still no train.  It was almost time for Baby A to eat so I reluctantly strapped the kiddos back in and headed out of the parking lot.  Just as I pulled out, a horn blared, and I looked up to see a big yellow CSX engine hauling a never-ending line of cars.  I yelled for Drew to look and heard the gasp of awe come from his seat.  The road I was on ran parallel to the tracks, so we ‘raced’ the train for a few blocks till we hit the section of tracks we had to cross to get home.  Then we sat with dozens of other cars waiting and watching the massive line steam by.  Drew pointed and named every train car he knew amidst exclamations of “Mommy, look at the wheels!” and “Mommy, it’s a train!”.

“Yeah, Buddy.  It is.”  Sadly, Baby A just screamed.  Evidently he was not satiated by the bbq sauce that I’m pretty sure he sucked off my finger during the whole feeding fiasco, and he was not impressed by the train that he could only hear but not see.  Several minutes and dozens of cars later, the final boxcar crossed the street and echoed into the distance.  It had been a long one, but it wasn’t enough for Drew.  “Follow it, Mommy?  Follow the train, please, Mommy??”

“Sorry, Buddy, we can’t do that tonight.”  I think he just might have a future as a South Florida Train Chaser.

I’m Back…Maybe

27 05 2010

I decided today to begin blogging again, although I admit this decision might last for about 24 hours.  The decision came from a variety of sources.  First, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately in a desperate attempt to avoid work of any sort, especially the domestic type.  As I read those blogs, I continue to think, “Wow, I would really like to chronicle my life like this.”  So, I thought I’d begin chronicling.  Also, Facebook has gotten to me.  I find myself as a friend said ‘thinking in Facebook status’ all day.  I mentally go through dozens of Facebooks statuses throughout the day, but usually only one makes it on my page.  All the other little snipets that I’d like to write are forgotten in the insanity of a normal day.  So, for today at least, I’m blogging again.

I realize blog entries usually have a general focus, but for today, I’m just going to talk about today.  Oh, where to begin…

I ran for the first time today in over a year.  I would have laughed at my sad little attempt, but that would have required me being able to catch my breathe.  Drew piped up from the stroller, “Mommy, what are you doing?!”  He was amazed to be moving at anything faster than a saunter.  The bad news is he will probably now expect me to run all the time.  Nothing like a toddler to hold you accountable.

Once home, I showered while Drew watched the second half of Nemo and Baby A dozed in his swing.  Yes, Drew has a little sibling now.  The last time I posted, Baby A was not even a twinkle in our eye.  Actually, that’s not quite true – we were wanting another, but were struggling.  But that’s for another post.  Baby A’s birth is for another post too.  Man, I need to keep blogging – I have way too much to write about.

In the shower, I once again lost the equivalent of a long-haired chihuahua from my locks.  I am hoping this postpartum hair loss ends soon before I have to opt for extreme measures.  Once out of the shower I chose a skirt and tank top rather than my usual sad t-shirt and gym shorts.  I had worked out; I was feeling good.  And I thought it would be nice to look attractive decent when Dr. Daddy arrived home.  I tried to ignore the bulge I saw in the mirror.  Oh, that wretched bulge!  You’d think I was pregnant again –

Sadly, the outfit only lasted an hour or so.  Baby A hit me with poop soup, and I was forced to don the sad t-shirt and gym shorts again.

I spent much of my afternoon playing with the boys.  They are so much fun.  Even though Baby A is only four months old, Drew loves playing with him.  And Baby A is fascinated with Drew.  It’s an amazing phenomenon to watch.  I should have been working instead of playing, but I am so over work.  Work is always there.  My boys won’t always be here.  I cannot even handle that thought…

This post is so dull and boring.  It sounded much wittier earlier this afternoon when I mentally wrote it.  At that time, I still had some caffeine running through my veins.  But now, the clock has just crossed over 10 pm, and if I don’t hit the sack, I will not be functioning tomorrow.  For today, I’m back.  I hope to see you tomorrow –