The Insanity of the Moment

28 08 2010

I put in a Nicole Nordeman CD.  I needed peace.  It was the CD I used to listen to long ago when I was single and alone and enjoying a quiet, sunlit Saturday morning.  “Maybe if I turn it up loud enough, ” I thought, “I can find my  happy place.”  Then I started unloading the dishwasher.  Then I began planning out the evening .  Then I started calculating how long it was going to take me to catch up on school work.  Then I wondered if I could skip the grocery store this week.  Drew tore around the kitchen making spaceship sounds while flying his Yoda birthday card in death-defying loops.  The card creaked out the theme to Star Wars over and over and over again.  Baby A barreled through in the walker crashing into walls and cabinets and human beings.  I practiced evasive maneuvers trying to save my already scarred feet.  He screeched with glee and took aim at his brother howling his battle cry.  The two circled the kitchen amidst sounds of light sabers and squeals and scraping walker wheels and screams and clanging dishes and Nicole Nordeman belting out ‘peace’.  I stopped and looked and huffed — and then laughed out loud to myself.  And my peace came back amidst the insanity of the moment.



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