Things I learned this week

26 04 2009

Things I learned this week:

1.  Eating only almonds during South Beach Diet, phase one is not at all effective.

2.  Pointing fingers during an argument always makes the situation worse.

3.  When living with a toddler – the real mess is always being created while the decoy mess is being cleaned up.

4.  Playgrounds in South Florida in April can be dangerously hot by 10:30 AM

5.  Change poopey diapers immediately

6.  Watching temper tantrums from an undisclosed location can be more entertaining than a blockbuster film.

7.  Hope deferred makes the heart sick – Proverbs 12:13

8.  Our future hope should place us in submission to the will of God.

9.  I have the best husband in the world.

10.  I don’t tell my husband that he is the best often enough.

11.  The five second rule cannot apply to my kitchen floor in its current condition.

12.  Fire ants are bad and should all die.

13.  A hard day’s work that is dreaded beforehand can be very fulfilling afterwards.

14.   My son thinks his name is baby. (We are now working to correct this)

15.  A few intimate, quiet moments with my family can wash away a week’s worth of hardship.

Six Month Check Up

25 02 2008

100_2206.jpgWell, Dr. Daddy got out the stethoscope and other equipment to give Baby Drew his six month check up this weekend. We both had to stop and marvel at the fact that it had been six months. We weren’t at all surprised that Drew appears in all ways, very healthy. He is now 27 inches long and 19 pounds. He’s moving into 12 month clothing. It seems like we barely got a chance to put him in 9 month things before he was busting out of them. Drew got his first taste of solid foods about two weeks ago, when we finally realized that Mommy was not going to be able to keep up with his need for CALORIES!! He likes carrots and sweet potatoes, but is still a little unsure about peas. We just started him on fruit today, and the verdict is still out on bananas. I’ll have to keep you updated. He is sitting up very well now, almost completely on his own, but occasionally he will laugh out loud and fall backward or lunge for a toy and end up tipped over and not able to get up. He locks his knees well now and holds his own weight on his legs. He’s also expanded his repertoire of vocalizations – boy, do we get an earful every day. It’s scary to think what we’ll get to hear when he actual puts words to all those noises. 😉

World’s Collide

20 02 2008

Pre-baby, Tim and I were quite active as leaders in our youth group, and , at the risk of sounding arrogant, we considered ourselves to be in the ‘cool’ leader category. We both had fairly large small group Bible studies that met weekly, and we enjoyed the ministry and camaraderie of chaperoning youth group trips. Kids would regularly show up at our house to hang out and talk. Right before Drew’s arrival, however, we began scaling back in this ministry, and we prayed and discussed what our future involvement might be. After consulting with the church, we finally decided that Tim would continue leading a guys Bible study once a week in our home, and I would play Martha Stewart, preparing chocolate mint brownies for the group on the weeks when Drew was being angelic and microwaved popcorn on the days when he was ummm, not. (Those poor boys have only gotten brownies twice 😕 )

A few weeks ago, the guys were here for Bible study, and I was sitting in the living room chatting with them before it began. Drew was sitting on my lap smiling and enjoying the thought that he was apart of the ‘big boy’ conversation. Suddenly, I felt something warm and oozy running down my leg. I look down and to my horror, Drew had soiled his diaper, and it had come out the side and onto my lap. I frantically screamed to Tim, “I need your help, take the baby, take the baby…he just pooped all over me and the chair.” Tim grabbed Drew, holding him out at arms length, and deposited him on the changing table on the other side of the room. I began contorting myself trying to get out of the chair without making more of a mess. Not wanting to get himself involved in a mess at the untimely moment, Tim inspected Drew’s seemingly secure diaper from a safe distance while yelling, “Where did it come out?! Where did it come out?!”

Immediately, we heard an explosion of laughter coming from the kitchen where the poor youth group guys had fled the instant they heard the word “poop”. We had gotten so caught up in our little diaper drama that we had almost forgotten their presence. All Tim and I could do was laugh along with them at our awkward parental moment. I quickly tried to sanitize and deodorize the situation as best as I could, and hoisting my stinky little son up to his bath, left the boys alone to argue over who was going to have to sit in the ‘poop chair’. Although, it provided an opportunity for the guys to learn about the reality of crises they have yet to encounter, I pretty sure Tim and I lost most of our ‘cool’ factor that night. But alas, what can I say, poop happens…

My husband, the Superhero

12 01 2008

My husband is a superhero – you know, the kind that sweeps in to save the day at just the right time and in miraculous fashion. And I am so thankful I married him. Drew has been having sleeping issues (again) for the last few days, and, of course, that means I’ve been having sleeping issues too. Last night, I put him to bed at 8, and I went to bed at 9, hoping for a little rest before any drama began. Drew then woke up at 9, however, screaming his head off, and then again at 10. I could not figure out what was wrong with him. He would just scream and scream. Then, he would roll over like he was trying to go to sleep, but a few seconds later he would start screaming again. I tried everything I could think of to help, but nothing would soothe him. I finally resorted to kneeling by the crib and rubbing his tummy while he screamed and I cried. Enter my superhero husband…Tim came in and offered to try and adjust Drew (Tim’s a chiropractor for those who don’t know). Since Drew was born, Tim’s been adjusting him and I’ve been amazed at the results. And last night, Tim worked a miracle. He took Drew, adjusted him, and then sat down in the rocker to just hold him. I added my lame help by handing him the pacifier before putting my pathetic self back in bed. In the next room, I heard Drew go from screaming, to crying, to small whimpers, to silence. And shortly after, I saw Tim head back downstairs to finish up his work. He had worked a miracle. I am so blessed to have a husband who knows just when and how to rush in to save the day (and the night!).

Drew’s Antics

15 10 2007

Snips, and snails, and puppy dog tails; That’s what little boys are made of.

I remember watching an interview with Johnny Depp where he was describing the birth of his son and daughter. He said his daughter was instantly fragile and precious while his son seemed to come out of the womb running into walls. Well, being a first time mom, I don’t know how true it is, but there do seem to be some distinct differences between baby girls and baby boys, and I don’t mean just the obvious ;). Drew is developing his own little boy antics, and I thought I’d share some of them with you:

  • The Ravenous BeastMy friend Liz told me the other night that she didn’t think she could ever nurse a boy – Liz has four daughters. She said she was with a friend once while she was nursing her son, and he had his arms flailing and his legs kicked up on her. I laughed when she told me – perfectly able to relate. When Drew is getting ready to eat, he throws his arms all around and grunts and snarls. Tim just looks on wide-eyed, thankful that he is a guy, and as he says, “not able to do that!” 😯
  • The Pirate – since his birth, Drew has had this funny habit of looking at you with just one eye open. Now that he has gotten more vocal and started smiling, he will open one eye, flash a crooked grin, and make a growling noise – Pirates of the Caribbean watch out!
  • Snooze Button Please – Most of the time, Drew enjoys a good sleep, the problem is usually waking him up! He goes through this entire stretching and grunting ritual that takes anywhere from 15-45 minutes to get through before he is fully awake. We are already wondering what life is going to be like when he is a teenager – he’s going to be a snooze button abuser.
  • The Pout – Now that Drew is more alert and interactive, we’ve noticed some definitive facial expressions emerging. One of them is the pout. Drew has become a master of the pouting, quivering lower lip accompanied by the most pathetic whimper you will ever hear. We already know this look is going to get him pretty much anything he wants (and we think he knows it too). Watch out future babysitters…and weak family members (including sometimes Mom and Dad 😕 )
  • Mr. Clean – For the first few weeks of life, Drew never seemed to care if his diaper was dirty or not, but in the last few weeks, he has developed an opinion on the subject, and ‘clean’ is definitely his preference. When you take off his dirty diaper, he actually starts smiling and laughing. We are hoping this is because of the clean diaper and not just because he likes being naked. 😉
  • The ContenderDrew is just starting to learn to use his hands, although coordination is definiatley not his strong suit. Mostly he just jabs at the things he wants (or doesn’t want). Last week, very early in the morning, I was lying on the bed with him after feeding him. I was just in the middle of the thought of how precious the moment was when Drew socked me right in the eye. Yesterday, he was even more risky and knocked Daddy right in the nose. We are assuming right now that these gestures are accidental…but Daddy let Drew know that he is not going to get away with that for much longer. 😉
  • The Adventurer – A few weeks ago, Daddy began playing ‘Daddy games’ with Drew. He would hold him vertically and bounce him up and down so Drew looked like he was jumping, he would fly him around the room like an airplane, and other boy games like that. Most of the time, Drew loves it – and often it stops him from crying. The other day, I was home alone with Drew and he began having a meltdown. I tried everything to calm him and finally resorted to jumping him up and down like Daddy. Drew settled down and even started trying to throw himself around, indicating he wanted to do more, when I stopped, tired from lifting the heavy little booger. Daddy has managed to create a miniature daredevil…and Mommy is going to need to start lifting weights to keep up 🙂

Hey, We Were Watching That…

2 10 2007

Do all men watch sports with their eyes closed? I had to ponder this question this past Sunday as my husband and son laid on the couch ‘watching’ a baseball game. To me they looked sound 100_1859.JPGasleep, but my husband assured me that they were watching the game together. I remember my father ‘watching’ NASCAR when I was little. I was sure his eyes were closed for at least 490 laps of the Indianapolis 500, but still he commandeered the television. And we would hear the infamous phrase, “Hey, I was watching that!” if we attempted to change the station. Now, my husband does the same, and it looks like my son is genetically predisposed as well. I guess it’s a male phenomenon that I will never understand. I wish I could know what it’s like to have see-through eyelids 🙂 Just one more new thing I’m learning as I raise a boy…

Drew loves his Daddy

27 09 2007

Yesterday morning, Drew and I woke up and began our usual routine. After feeding and dressing him, I laid him in the middle of our bed while I got dressed. Tim was in the bathroom getting ready, and I noticed Drew was intently watching the bathroom door. Now, I know supposedly he can’t see that far, but he was smiling and getting all excited and waving his little arms. Then the door opened, and Daddy emerged. Drew was very happy, and he proceeded to follow Daddy all around the room with his eyes as he was getting dressed for work. Then Daddy left the room – and Drew immediately began to fuss and cry. Not cherishing the thought of a whole day with a fussy baby, I followed Tim out the door suggesting a ‘Take Your Son To Work’ Day. Unfortunately, Daddy didn’t go for it…